Welcome to the Nordic Library in the heart of the city
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Welcome to the Nordic Library in the heart of the city

You can borrow fiction by Nordic authors, in all of the Nordic languages. You can also borrow films, TV series and magazines from the Nordic countries. The library also has a wide-ranging collection of non-fiction.

The children's section contains films, picture books, fiction and non-fiction in Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Faroese and Greenlandic.There is also a young people's section with a collection of Nordic books and films.


From Tuesday 2 February, you will be able to collect reserved material at the Nordic Culture Point Library. You can collect advance reservations, return material, and quickly borrow books from a limited selection.

You can reserve material by sending an e-mail to bibba@nordiskkulturkontakt.org at any time, or by calling the library on 010 583 1000 during its telephone hours between 10:00 and 12:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We are open on Tuesdays and Thursday between 13:00 and 16:00 for the collection of material. If you reserve material by e-mail, you will receive confirmation once your material is ready to pick up from the library. Lent material can be reserved as usual via our online library.